Example Stores


Gim Kordon

Gim Kordon is a band hailing from Helsinki, Finland. They have found Printmotor Stores to be an easy platform to sell band merchandise without the usual hassle of payments, deliveries etc. Plus they can add and change new prints as often as they want and sell exclusive limited editions if wanted.

Terese Bast

Terese Bast is an illustrator from Jakobstad, Finland. She has built her Printmotor Store to be able to sell her designs globally, without having to worry about logistics, international payments or customer service.


Middlehill & Gravebrooks

Middlehill and Gravebrooks is a charity raising money to make it possible for every child to play hockey, regardless of their parents' financial status. They are using Printmotor Stores to sell t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies to support their cause. With Printmotor they see their sales in real-time and receive settlements once a month.